At Campsie View we focus on increasing the positive impact of working with families to improve learning and achievement. We pride ourselves on being an ‘open’ school by promoting continuous engagement with parents. As a parent, you are welcome at any time to contact or visit the school and to take an active part in its life. We also try to provide direct and easy access to the person you want to talk to. 

Parents’ meetings are held three times a year, usually in September, November and May. Alternative appointment dates and times can be arranged if necessary. Additional meetings with either the Head Teacher or class teacher can also be arranged if parents find this helpful. Reviews are held at least annually for all pupils and are attended by parents and key staff. At transition points (i.e. from nursery into Primary 1, Primary 7 into S1, S3 into Senior Phase and when a pupil leaves the school) there is additional support, information and advice from the Head Teacher and /or Deputes. 

Parent workshops are held throughout the year on a range of subjects. Child minding facilities are organised to save you making your own arrangements and are also open to siblings. Suggestions for future topics are always welcome - we will try our best to arrange an appropriate  speaker. 

The school has a well established Parents’ Room and it is hoped that parents will continue to make use of this facility. Parents are also invited to be involved in a variety of ways in the day-to-day life of the school, for example by taking part in extra-curricular activities. Along with visitors to and friends of the school, parents are also welcome to attend weekly whole-school assemblies (held on Friday afternoons) and the special services held at Christmas, Easter and in June. The school holds occasional open days, and individual classroom visits can be arranged on request.