The nursery aims to create a happy, caring atmosphere where children will feel secure. A varied, interesting and stimulating environment is provided to encourage children’s all-round development and to help lay the foundations for more formal educational experiences.

The curriculum provided is based on the national guidelines as outlined in Pre-Birth to 3 and Curriculum for Excellence. Children in the Nursery have access to the learning opportunities to be found in all nurseries. We aim to give children access to a wide range of experiential learning opportunities specific to their educational, physical and emotional needs. 

There is careful assessment based on observation, in close partnership with parents and professionals, of children’s needs in all areas of their development. From this assessment, an Individualised Educational Programme (IEP) is drawn up. The IEP ensures that all aspects of the child’s development are addressed. 
Review meetings and parents’ meetings are held regularly to discuss each child’s IEP, progress and transition arrangements. Parents receive regular written reports and are invited to parent workshops and coffee mornings. 

Parents are welcome to visit the Nursery and are encouraged to be involved in every area of Nursery life.