Class D Space 2015

 Class D have been very busy learning all about Space! 

The boys enjoyed listening to the ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ story at literacy time and helped to design and create an array of fun and exciting artwork.  We designed and made our very own patterned pants using spots and stripes and lots of colours.  We made some 3D model planets using papier mache and even created our own alien creatures and alien masks!


We had great fun in science too making our own model rockets using recycled bottles and loved using an air pump to make them fly high into the sky!  We have also been learning about electricity and how things work as part of our theme work.  The pupils enjoyed exploring and using various electrical appliances.  In H.E we used the electronic scales and the electric whisk to make mars bar cakes, we used the electronic keyboard and the soundbeam in music and had fun using the powerlink switch to turn electrical goods such as the footspa and the hairdryer ‘on’ and ‘off’.