PTA Minutes


                     Campsie View School PTA  
                         Meeting 4th March 2014
1          Present
Karen Albrow, Cathy Campbell, Jo- Anne Macpherson, Linda Macpherson,  Murdy McKenna, Helen McLauchlan, Jackie Macpherson, Linda Taylor
2          Apologies
Fiona Maurer , Jane Munroe, Jenny Sorbie,
3          Minutes of last meeting     Agreed
4          Treasurer’s Report
Cathy had received the OSCR forms from Jenny and has posted them to Anne the accountant.
5          Fundraising Events
·         Cinema Night
This will now take place at Mugdock Cinema on Wednesday 4th June. Catering will consist of packets of crisps and pork pies and cans of beer/ lager/irn bru for half time. Linda will send Jackie details of the three fitba’ films so that save the date flyers can be sent home prior to the Easter break.
·         Bingo Night
Linda Macpherson has sourced a ‘bingo drum’. She and Murdy will enlist/ coerce a Bingo caller. Probable date- September 14 in Campsie View main hall.
·         Quiz Night
Linda Taylor has a friend who will not only supply the quiz but will come along to host. Probable date - October November in Kirkie Miners. Physical challenges to be interspersed with cerebral!!
·         Bag Packing
Jenny is still awaiting confirmation of dates from Asda.
2 possible sources circulated. Jackie to place a minimum order with ’Stuart Morris’. Linda to organise PTA CV cookbook for sale alongside aprons. Suggestions welcomed for catchy title for this venture.
6          Projects Requiring Funding
 No further details.
7          New Parents Welcome Coffee Morning
Agreed to be a great idea. Suitable venue discussed as cost of Sat. let in Campsie View prohibitive. Karen will investigate using one of churches in Milngavie
Karen suggested holding information evenings with topics such as First Aid for special people and Conflict Resolution