At Campsie View we are always looking to improve our communication with you and share the exciting activities our pupils participate in. To enable us to share your son’s / daughter’s experiences with you more responsively  some classes have been using Learning Journals (Ejournals)

Ejournals are an electronic form of sharing photographs, videos and information about your son’s / daughter’s experiences.  This method enables staff to take photographs and short video clips of your son or daughter and upload them onto their own individual electronic profile.  These profiles are simple to use and easy to access.  Each individual pupil’s parent/carer will be given a login so that only you or who you provide the details to can access the profile. 
You will have the opportunity to upload comments and photos from home, celebrating wider achievements. 

For more information, please visit Ejournals.

If you wish to opt in you must give us your written consent by completing a form and returning it to the school. 

Forms are available on request from the school office. 
As the information will be placed on a third party site, it is the Council’s view that it would not be appropriate to carry out this process without the explicit consent of the parent.  This is in line with the Council’s responsibilities under Schedule 4 of the Data Protection Act 1998 where the use of an individual’s personal information might be carried out outside of the European Economic Area, where there may not be the same level of protection.