At Campsie View School our Curriculum Framework is very much based on an entitlements model. The learning entitlements are listed below for your information and reference. The entitlements model has been further reinforced by the legislation, The Children and Young People’s Act 2014. This has enshrined the GIRFEC [Getting it Right for Every Child] philosophy within legislation which is very much focussed on children’s rights. It continues to be important to maintain a real commitment to the educational rights of our young people. GIRFEC principles have been instrumental in making us look more closely at how we actually report to you as parents and carers in terms of the Wellbeing Wheel. 

"Girfec is being woven through all existing policy, practice, strategy and legislation affecting children, young people and their families"

Scottish Government

Each pupil’s educational entitlements in curricular terms are as follows: 
A curriculum which is coherent from 3 to 18 
A broad general education, including the experiences and outcomes well planned across all the curriculum areas, from early years through to S3 
A senior phase of education after S3 which provides opportunity to obtain qualifications as well as to continue to develop the four capacities skills for learning, skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work with opportunities for developing a continuous focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing 
Personal support to enable them to gain as much as possible from the opportunities which Curriculum for Excellence can provide 
Support in moving into positive and sustained destinations beyond school 
For further detail on the curriculum refer to the school handbook and policies